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3T Boutique Hotel: A window on an unprecedented area of Piedmont

Surrounded by gentle hills and green valleys, the Canavese is a splendid region of Piedmont that contains natural, historical and artistic treasures. The city of Ivrea is its centre, surrounded by one of the most famous morainic amphitheatres in Europe and crossed by the Dora Baltea. In Canavese you can enjoy unspoilt nature, its extraordinary wines, mountainous hills to stay breathless, where you can enjoy sports or take long walks during the warmest season of the year.

The city of Ivrea

Unesco World Heritage Site, Ivrea is a refined town whose history is closely linked to that of the Olivetti company, of which you can visit the Laboratory-Museum Technology, a real gem for fans of industrial design, but also the MaAM – Open Sky Museum of Modern Architecture. Ivrea is famous throughout Italy for its historic carnival with the folkloric Battle of the Oranges.

The five lakes

The area of the five lakes of the Serra d ‘Ivrea is a real immersion in greenery. Here you can walk, cycle or ride between the paths that connect San Michele, Campagna, Sirio, Pistono and Nero.

The best known is Lake Sirio, which is swimmable and has bathing facilities. The path along the lake winds in two variants that lead to the Roman Aqueduct and the “Terre Ballerine”, a former peat bog whose elastic soil sways under the steps of those who walk there.

Sports and Outdoors

Those who walk along the Eporedian Lungo Dora often see canoeists training, but it’s the entire territory that offers a lush and largely uncontaminated environment, a natural stop for countless outdoor sports: canoeing, climbing, paragliding, horseback riding, rafting, wakeboarding, mountain biking, trekking… Starting from here you can also reach the top of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, ascending with an evocative and modern Skyway cable car.

The Via Francigena

Since the early Middle Ages the Via Francigena has been the itinerary for pilgrims from all over central and northern Europe to reach Rome. The route of the Via Francigena moranico-canavesana is about 50 km long and crosses the territories of 10 municipalities: along the way, a beautiful section of the Ivrea morainic amphitheatre, dotted with lakes and featuring the long profile of the Serra, is traversed.

Canavese and its wines

Canavese is a land rich in vineyards, proof of a passion for wine that has ancient roots. From the plains to the first alpine buttresses, the vineyards are an integral part of these landscapes.

There are two types of wine par excellence of Canavese: white grape, Erbaluce, a DOCG, and black grape, Carema, a DOC.

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